Simply Elegant Wedding Day

A few weeks ago I was honored to participate in a lovely, intimate wedding ceremony. The beautiful couple met many years ago and reconnected after several years apart. It is obvious to me they are friends first and love each other infinitely. They opted to have a small ceremony in which both of their personalities and styles were reflected.

This couple not only allowed me to witness their nuptials, but they also allowed me to be their planner and wedding day manager.

My role began several weeks prior to their actual wedding day. I must say I enjoyed every minute. Assembling the perfect wedding team, reviewing contracts, creating timelines, working with the officiants and singer were indeed highlights for me.

On the day of, I was elated to know the couple felt all they had to do was show up and get married. A beautiful day indeed!

I am thrilled, overjoyed and excited to begin planning the next event on my calendar!

Do you have an upcoming event? Here are a few things you may consider in your early stages of planning:

1. Determine your budget. Setting a monetary amount drives most aspects of your event. A good planner will ask you how you see your funds allocated and help keep you within your set budget. A planner will also let you know if your budget will allow your event vision to unfold and offer ideas.

2. Consider your date and venue. Oftentimes couple choose a date that is significant to them. Other times couples just choose, what seems to work. While the date is important you should also consider your venue/location at this point. If there is a must have location in mind it is important to determine the dates it is available. Some venues are booked a year in advance. Your planner can assist with researching venues, arranging tours, determining any restrictions and negotiating costs.

3. Consider hiring an event planner. An event planner can help with the minute details and keep your stress levels down. A well-executed event will allow you to enjoy your event to the fullest.

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Planner:  Candace Lane

Event Decor:  Marilyn Stansil

Venue:  New Life Apostolic Center