The Talk of the Town

On a Friday the 13th, November 1998, I stopped  by a little storefront housing a church with the intentions of “let’s see what all the talk is about”.  I had even invited others to meet me there because it truly was a very talked about event in our city.

Little did I know, this drop by on Friday the 13th was a Divine Plan that would change the course of my life. While the preacher, who I know quite well personally, was preaching, something happened… the way I knew him suddenly shifted. I truly began seeing him as a messenger of God who had a direct message for me. It was that night that I shocked myself, walked up front and dedicated my life to God and became a member of New Life Christian Cathedral.

I couldn’t get enough of NLCC, I tried to be there every time the doors open. I would even bring my then two year old rugrat’s sleeping mat and put her under the pew because I wasn’t leaving till I got every Word that was delivered! Shout out to the original “ church lady”!!!

Not only was I growing as a Believer, being fed spiritually, my family was enlarging. There were and still are amazing people, some who changed my name to Sister Kansas, whom I’m proud to call family and continue to grow with.

From the foot-washing in the alley to the march to our present location I am glad, overjoyed and blessed to have been in the count for many wonderful experiences at New Life.

Once I left the Anniston area, I desperately tried to find a replacement… I’ll tell you it’s not out there! With the uniqueness of this ministry it’s no surprise to me that New Life Apostolic Center is celebrating 18 years.

There is so much more in store for NLAC and I look forward to celebrating with my family and being a part of many more experiences. So join me this weekend to see what all the talk is about… You just might enter into your New Life!


There is no charge to attend, registration allows us to adequately prepare for your arrival.