Save the Date!


So he popped the question, you said yes! No doubt the number one question that follows from your well-wishers, families and friends is:

When is the wedding?”

Perhaps you have a new product to launch or you are introducing your new business to the world and having a LIVE event is the route you’ve chosen, determining the perfect date is crucial.

With either scenario or any event the following tips will get you on your way to enjoying your engagement, business or celebration with less stress!

1. Seasons
An easy way to answer when is the wedding question is by saying “next fall”or “this spring”.  This takes a lot of pressure off. By considering seasons you are able to narrow down your months as well. When you envision your celebration do you see lush greenery all-around? A blooming field of flowers?



Or maybe a crisp fall day with the beautiful hues nature provides as leaves change colors?



Would you prefer to have an indoor or outdoor event? While it is still possible to have an outdoor event when the weather is cooler consider costs such as heaters or coffee stations to keep your guests comfortable. Enlisting the services of an event planner can help with sourcing those extras that you may not think of initially. Also, different seasons may bring different prices, an event planner can assist you with budgeting and give tips and ideas on cost savings if you plan an event during the “off season”.

2. Venue
The venue is the place you are holding your celebration or event. Venues may book up to a year in advance, so it is wise to have several venues on your list. Some venues may hold a significant memory or value and you just can’t imagine hosting your guests at any other location. If this is your scenario, your date may be driven by the availability of your venue. If you have more flexibility with venue choice then the burden of choosing your date is lessened. An event planner can assist with setting up appointments to tour the venue, review and negotiate contracts, handle the logistics and determine if there is anything quirky about the event venue, such as, will they allow me to bring in my own catering, can alcohol be served, are there sufficient power sources and so on.


3. Time
Allow yourself time to plan your special event. For brides, it may take several months to order your gown; for businesses it may take weeks or months for your product to be manufactured and completed. I’m sure guests wouldn’t be too impressed with attending a fabulous event and the main feature is a no-show! Absolutely dreadful, right?! Give yourself time, don’t rush it by choosing a random date without considering all the variables. This would be a sure fire way to go gray or bald… Yikes! Most importantly give yourself time to enjoy this huge milestone in your life.

If you are planning your next event and need just a bit more help contact me today to schedule your in-person, telephonic or virtual FREE consultation!