Dear Workplace Bully

IMG_0758Dear Workplace Bully,

I remember the first time I met you. I was cordial as I always am, but there was something about you that warned me not to say too much in your presence and just observe. I clearly remember the day that you felt intimidated by me and the only way you felt you could overcome that feeling was to begin your so nasty, so rude campaign in my life.

I write you today to say thank you! For 15 months you made my 8-5 days some of the most miserable, toxic, sickening, depressing times I’ve ever experienced. But if it had not been for you, I would have delayed my transition to greatness.

You see bully, you were placed in my path so that I had to choose..misery or greatness. I had to decide whether to rely on this cushy job that was comfortable, yet boring and nothing I ever want to retire from or Trust God.

Thank you workplace bully, I pray for your deliverance and that you’re not terrorizing others wherever you landed!