DIY Holiday Party Planning Tips!

It is officially Fall!

You know what that means, right! The holiday season is upon us and some of the major holidays that are most celebrated are just around the corner.

While I absolutely love the fall season with the changing weather and the beautiful colors of the leaves, I’m also aware it’s time to get those holiday party plans in motion.

Whether you’re planning for your office party, family gathering or your final soirée of the year, get started now with my top DIY Planning Tips!


1. Decide on the budget! Have an idea of how much you want to spend for your event. Your budget will drive many aspects of your event such as food, guest list size and venue.

2. Now that you know how much money you will spend, consider your food choices. Will you serve a full meal, appetizers, desserts or etc.? Next, consider if you will cater or will you prepare the food? If you’re preparing, do you know how you will transport the food to the party location?

3. Where’s the party? If your event will not be held at a location which you have free and clear access, then you might want to find the right place. The right place should be a space that can accommodate your guests comfortably, has adequate parking and fits within your budget.

4. Entertainment! Will you have a comedian, singer, band or a DJ? Or perhaps will you have activities lined up that will keep the party going? Check out my post for ideas on entertainment.  If you’re booking entertainment, it’s important to secure someone within your budget and one who fits the needs of your event.

5. Enjoy your event! You’ve planned, booked entertainers, created activities and now the day of your event has arrived. Oh my! There’s still work to do to make sure all your plans and ideas are handled flawlessly. How will you be able to enjoy your event and make sure everything goes as planned?

I. Am. So. Glad. You. Asked.

Candace Lane Events would be happy to step in as your event Day Manager.

With a free consultation, I can learn more about your vision and manage your event the day of so you can enjoy all of your hard work along with your guests!

Set up a time today for your consultation and let’s get your holiday party in motion!