Do I Really Need An Event Planner?

I get it! Honestly, I know what you’re thinking…I planned all of my kid’s parties and everyone had fun. I helped out the planning committee at work and each event was successful…And so on and so on!

I totally get it! With all your fabulous planning skills, Why Hire A Planner??

That’s a really good question and I have an answer.

Events can take on many different sizes and elements. Some require sponsorships, a big budget, and a unique venue. Other events may be small and intimate but yet have bunches of details that require keen attention.

An event planner offers so many benefits to their clients. Here are a few reasons you should hire a planner.


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1) You Don’t Have Time! Planning events such as weddings, conferences, and galas don’t happen overnight. Allow a planner who specializes and actually enjoys all the intricate details of planning your event. Did you know the average couple spends 13-18 months planning their wedding? Looking for corporate sponsors for your event? Most times they/corporate executives set their budget for “gifts” the year prior, so waiting a few weeks before your event may mean a small “ gift”.


2) You Have Trouble Sticking to a Budget! Events cost money. There’s food, décor, entertainment, venue costs, you name it. Your event planner will help you stay on budget, negotiate with vendors and have great cost saving ideas out the wazoo!

3) Don’t Stress Out! The deadline for the deposit is on what date? How soon do I need to order flowers? What time should the caterer arrive? The DJ needs to know the distance from his set up to the wall jack. Uncle Bill is lost and needs directions to the church…and this could go on and on…However, your event planner is there to filter all the questions from vendors to guests. The planner helps reduce your stress level by being flexible and knowledgeable and equipped with backup plans.

4) You’ll Get to Enjoy! So, have you thought about just how to execute all your planning on the day of? If you prefer to enjoy, eat, and be a guest at your event then your planner can handle that. Any little fires that rise on the day of can quickly be put out by your planner.


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