How to Plan a Graduation Party

No more 8 o’clock classes. The last annotated bibliography with at least 10 sources, 2500+ word paper has been written. All the group projects have finally been presented.


It’s now time to graduate.

What a momentous occasion! One worthy of an epic celebration.

This tremendous accomplishment should be revered like no other.

Check out these tips to plan a great graduation bash!


1. When is the Party? Although Johnny may graduate on Thursday evening, a party immediately following the ceremony may not be ideal. Parents, I know you’re excited and this may be one of the biggest parties you will ever throw for your child, but save yourself some heartache and money. Talk to your graduate. There may be several celebrations that Johnny and all the other graduates are attending. There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating at a later date.
2. Where the Party at? Yeah, I know, that’s not the best grammar but you get it!
Know your graduate’s style. A small, intimate celebration at home can be just as epic as renting out the largest space in town. Always set a budget and allocate just how you want to spend your money. If using a facility you don’t own, be mindful that you may need to reserve weeks or months in advance. Consider a private room at your graduate’s favorite restaurant. This one is a tremendous cost saver. Some restaurants offer a catering menu or guests can cover the cost of their meal.
3. Capture Memories! Smiles, laughter, tears of joy are all emotions likely awaiting at this party… all worthy of remembering. Hire a photographer to capture candid moments you’ll cherish forever. Having a Photo Booth (DIY or rental) is an awesome way to ensure everyone has proof of this grand celebration.
4. Keep it Simple! Entertainment or nah? This depends on where you decide to have the party. Surely for an intimate, family event at home, a DJ probably isn’t necessary. However, when choosing entertainment, keep your graduate and guests in mind. Parents there is a huge difference from the hits today than the hits your graduation year. Please talk with your graduate before you book the DJ! The decor can be kept minimal. Consider colors matching the grad’s school, make sure to keep decorations for epic bashes very simple, particularly bashes where there is lots of movement such as dancing. Tall flower vases may not be the right choice for this bash. Definitely create space for gifts. A nice card box would be a great way to receive all those awesome gift cards and cash money!


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5. Have fun!

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