How to Avoid Research Overload!

When I finally decided to get serious about the work I’m passionate about, I began researching. I googled phrases like, “how to find my purpose “, “education needed for event planner”, “best women speakers”, “motivational/inspirational speakers”. Those searches led me to numerous sites and also sites I wasn’t aware I needed to review  such as Small Business Administration, WordPress, blogging communities, hootsuite, and the list goes on.

Through my experiences, I must caution you, Don’t overdo it and lose confidence!

I personally was signing up for every free resource I could get my hands on and tried to apply a bit from each one. Well, let me tell you how that worked….IT DIDN’T! I was more confused than ever, I didn’t know where to start, how to move to the next step and I even thought I was making a huge mistake and almost quit. It was what I imagine a daycare teacher with multiple toddlers in a candy store all tugging her in different directions…Yikes! It wasn’t a good feeling at all.

Finally it dawned on me Stop! Step Back! Re-evaluate this thing!!


Research is good, research is essential, but you have to know when too much is not beneficial. Here are a few tips I began to use to get back on track.

1. Connect with someone or a business whose message resonates with you. Seek information and guidance from someone with similar values and ethics you have. If this person’s information proves valuable to you reach out to them, subscribe to their social media, email list, etc. I would encourage you to make this a very short list!

2. Invest in yourself! Research is great but be mindful, even with all the research and free resources out there you likely will not receive everything to get the success you’re aiming to achieve.  Investing in a great coach or a program is helpful to make sure you are well balanced to take on your new journey. The right investment could  help you with all the nuisances of transitions, startups, etc.

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