The Secret to a Successful Event!

As an event planner, there are many hats you must wear. You are the keeper of your clients budget, the liaison between vendors, overseer of day-of-events, the one who puts out fires without the client ever knowing.


One of the most important hats you wear is the timekeeper. Organizing the timing of each activity is crucial in determining how well your plans are executed.

A planner’s responsibility as the timekeeper does not start on the day of the event but prior to the event. It is necessary to have timelines so important dates are not missed. You certainly don’t want to miss a payment to a vendor. This type of timeline helps to ensure important dates are known, appointments are kept and all elements needed for your event are accounted for.

All events are unique therefore a specific event may not require hiring vendors on day 1 of planning. If you’re planning a gender specific baby shower you may not order your linen until you know the gender.

The prior to the event timeline can help with the budget also. There’s nothing like having a whopping last minute cost due to a mishap that could have been prevented with the appropriate timeline.

It is your planner’s job to create a timeline and to ensure everyone involved knows what to expect and when to expect it. A timeline keeps everyone and everything in order.

IMG_1781Imagine your cake being delivered but there is no table or decorated space for the cake. Or perhaps your client wants to see the event space all decorated before the guests arrive but your event designer arrives  just in the nick of time to decorate. Absolutely dreadful, right?

Whether you’re a DIY planner or looking to hire an Event Planner, remember, part of a flawless execution is timing. So be sure you can organize time well or the person hired manages time well. Related post

At Candace Lane Events, we love creating timelines and making sure every activity is accounted for and everyone knows their part. Contact us today for your free consultation.

If you’re going to DIY your next event, join me for my DIY Event & Wedding Planning Workshop. It’s a live workshop offered every third Sunday at 6:00 PM Eastern, beginning July 15! Register here.


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